We need to talk about the word “video”…and more to the point, the term “wedding video“.

What is video?  Definition:  “the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images.”

To many people, “video” seems to be a dirty word.  And admittedly, it was something I tried to distance myself from for a long time merely from a branding perspective.  I mean, who wants to say that they shoot “video”, or wedding videos?  It sounds like you’re back in the 80s.  Why is this, though?  Is it more of a psychological thing?

Well, video was supposed to go out with VHS tapes.  VHS video — THAT was video. Then came DVD.  When we were providing couples with wedding DVDs, we were still providing a wedding video.  Then we had the wedding film on Blu-ray, co-existing with DVD, which was still referred to as wedding video, and now we have USB flash drives where the wedding film is provided in HD, and online streaming and download capability in HD and 4K, but it’s still a wedding video at the end of the day.

Most wedding videographers, in reality, are making wedding films, and can now deliver them in a variety of different ways, and on a variety of different platforms – physical media, online, you name it.  Yet it’s always going to be “the wedding video”, even one hundred years from now.

It’s a term that has stuck, and instead of distancing ourselves from it to remain current or relevant or “hip”, I personally think we should embrace it as wedding videographers because it’s never going to go away.

Can the word “video” become cool again?  Well, I can’t understand how the new breed of hipster wedding videographers haven’t embraced “wedding video” and capitalized upon it.  Every time someone watches something on YouTube, they say they’re watching a video.  Even though it’s not really a video.

I can envision some wedding videographer, someone somewhere in the world, providing couples with their 4K wedding film scaled down and delivered on VHS video complete with old school video boxes and sleeves.  It could be the new flavor of the month, or some wedding videographer’s niche — and it would probably do very well with younger couples.

On IMDB, there are six films (from what I could see) that are called THE WEDDING VIDEO, the latest one coming out in 2012.

To some wedding videographers, and filmmakers, saying that you shoot “video” is miles away from being what you really want to be, or what you want others to see you as:  a filmmaker, or a cinematographer.  Because that’s more “serious” and “artistic”.

  • Wedding Videographer
  • Wedding Cinematographer
  • Wedding Filmmaker
  • Wedding Storyteller
  • Wedding Video Man (or woman)

In reality, all of these phrases and terms are synonymous with each other.  It’s just a matter of what we choose to use, for whatever reason.

One thing is for certain…  Formats will come and go…

Wedding Video will live forever.

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