A wedding videographer doesn’t absolutely need the latest and best gear in the world in order to produce great work.

However, we recently upgraded our entire studio, and our “kit” is just so amazing that we want you to know about it.

We’re running the latest ‘Final Cut Studio’ on really fast and impressive Mac computers (a fully loaded Mac Pro and a Mac Book Pro).

Richard uses a variety of cameras and lenses on the day of your wedding. Different tools for different jobs. The equipment is small and compact in order to be as discreet as possible. A great deal of care and attention has gone into choosing the gear that we use, so that we don’t draw too much attention at your wedding. In fact, Richard utilizes new HD-DSLR technology. Not only are our cameras some of the highest quality acquisition tools available today, they have the appearance of small still photography cameras. Most of the time, guests and the bridal party have no idea at all that Richard is actually shooting video. So when we say we’re discreet and that you’ll hardly know we’re there – that is absolutely true.

The image sensors (the part of the camera that captures the light and turns it into a digital signal) behind our lenses are so large, and capture so much information, that it is unnecessary to use an on-camera light 99% of the time, even in relatively low-light conditions.

Richard uses cameras and lenses from Sony’s XDCAM line of cameras and Canon’s DSLR range, with lenses by ‘Tokina’, ‘Canon’ and ‘Sony’. Supporting equipment and camera stabilization from ‘Manfrotto’, ‘Libec’, ‘Glidetrack’, ‘Steadicam’ (Pilot & Merlin), ‘Zoom’ and ‘Sennheiser’.

Speaking of ‘Sennheiser’, our audio quality capture is just as important as the quality of our image. No more and no less. We utilize wireless microphones for parts of the day where it is critically important to capture crystal clear audio, like the ceremony, speeches and dancing. Different wireless audio recorders from the manufacturer ‘Zoom’ are also used for different shooting situations.

Richard generally shoots full High Definition 1920 x 1080p at 35mpbs at 25fps, but this can change from time to time. Richard color grades your wedding video using ‘Color’ and/or 3 Way Color Corrector in Final Cut Pro.

We use only the best blank media available in order to deliver the best quality to you (DVDs, and USB/Blu-ray for HD delivery).

In terms of presentation, we provide all wedding video films in deluxe ‘Bride & Groom Films’ presentation boxes that will stand the test of time. These boxes are finished in-studio by Richard, and are handcrafted to his liking. We do not provide traditional printed and personalized DVD case sleeves, and we would advise against this as they will discolor over time. Also, fonts and text starts to look dated as the years go by.

We are committed to providing all of our clients with the best in service, and the highest possible quality end product.

Richard Finlay was recently ranked among the best videographers in the world by the DV Awards. He was also voted ‘Wedding Videographer of the Year’ in Ireland’s very first online wedding awards. In the same year, he was named as a top wedding videographer by Weddings Online.