Richard Finlay Wedding Videographer
  • Richard is in high demand all over Ireland (and sometimes in other countries too!). He has shot multiple weddings in every county in Ireland. He’s covered various shoots in various countries, from New York to Haiti to Metallica concerts in Copenhagen for official release. He was recently chosen by Oscar nominated filmmaker Naomi Sheridan (daughter of legendary Irish film director and writer Jim Sheridan) to film her wedding video.
  • Richard has been booked out year after year since he started shooting wedding video films. Right from the start. And most of those bookings come from word of mouth.
  • Other top wedding videographers and wedding professionals have entrusted Richard with making a wedding film of their own very special day.
  • Currently working on a documentary with six-time Oscar nominee, Irish filmmaking legend Jim Sheridan.
  • Richard started writing screenplays at age ten. He picked up a writing award for a short film script, ‘Crescendo’, in 2008. He continues to develop his passion for filmmaking and storytelling, and will write and direct narrative films in the future.
  • Richard was voted ‘Wedding Videographer of the Year’ by the brides and grooms of Ireland in Ireland’s first ever online wedding awards, ‘The W’Oscars’, (Real There was no campaigning for votes on Richard’s behalf to receive the nomination. In the same same year he was also shortlisted for ‘Wedding Videographer of the Year’ at the ‘Weddings Online Awards’.
  • In 2008, Richard was ranked among “the best videographers in the world” by Martin Rhodes of the ‘DV Awards’, when he won ‘Outstanding Wedding Videography’ and ‘Best Demo Reel’. It was the first time that an Irish entrant won in the category of ‘Wedding & Event Videography’. According to the ‘DV Awards’ press release, judges “were seasoned professionals in the industry with an average of over 20 years experience”.
  • Richard trained in filmmaking and screenwriting at ‘The New York Film Academy’ in America (widely regarded as the best film school in the world), ‘The Hollywood Film Institute’, and at Liberties College in Dublin. Since he was 15 years old, he has taken literally dozens of workshops and courses covering an entire range of filmmaking disciplines. Richard has attended filmmaking workshops taught, or has been personally tutored by, minds as diverse and acclaimed as Martin Scorsese, Monte Hellman, Jim Sheridan, Sofia Coppola, Stephen Frears, Gabriel Byrne, Billy Crystal, John Truby, Dov Simens, Craig McKay, Sir Ben Kingsley, and event cinema teachers Joe Simon and Kevin Shahinian.
  • Richard is delighted that most of his work comes as a result of word of mouth. Many times throughout a year Richard is recommended by previous clients, photographers, hotels and other wedding suppliers who have enjoyed working alongside him and appreciate the manner in which he chooses to work on a wedding day.
  • Based on the sheer number of enquiries, bookings, word of mouth referrals from clients, photographers, hotels and other wedding suppliers, training, acclaim and level of craftsmanship, it’s safe to say that Richard is at the top of his profession and is among the best in his field in Ireland.
  • Richard stops talking in the third person when you finally speak to him.
Carla Finlay

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Mary 'Nan' Finlay

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Richard Finlay was recently ranked among the best videographers in the world by the DV Awards. He was also voted ‘Wedding Videographer of the Year’ in Ireland’s very first online wedding awards. In the same year, he was named as a top wedding videographer by Weddings Online.