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Optional Extras

You can upgrade your package at any time to make your wedding video that little bit extra special by choosing from our à la carte menu.

Lifetime online streaming and downloading

Your own online wedding film portfolio.  Lifetime online streaming and downloading of your entire wedding film in HD by anyone at any time and on any device.  It works like Netflix.  You can view your FULL wedding video anywhere, any time, on any TV or device, in HD, with the click of a link.  Are you going to have a DVD player in ten or twenty years?  DVDs are not capable of displaying HD video, only a degraded Standard Definition image.  It makes no sense to film and edit your wedding video in HD, and then for you to view a degraded DVD image.  Formats change over time — this option is literally forever in the best quality possible.  See some examples.

Now included as standard with all packages

4K upgrade

Your wedding film is shot in stunning 4K quality.  It is edited in 4K and delivered to you in HD, which is almost 2K quality.  Why not get the 4K upgrade and future proof your wedding video edits forever in pin sharp 4K clarity?


DVDs (if you must)

Your wedding film DVDs come in a custom ‘Bride & Groom Films’ presentation box.  I generally don’t recommend DVD quality as DVDs are not capable of displaying HD images.

3 for €50


Your Blu-ray discs come in a custom ‘Bride & Groom Films’ presentation box.

3 for €100

HD USB flash drive

Your full wedding film file(s) in HD on a USB flash drive.  You can back up your wedding film and archive it as you wish, and can view your film wherever your USB flash drive can be connected.  Most DVD and Blu-ray players, games consoles and TVs, desktop and laptop computers have a USB connection.

All files will be .mp4 format.  This file format is compatible with pretty much everything.  If you would prefer to have your wedding film files delivered to you over the internet so you can download them yourself, instead of having them delivered on a USB flash drive, just ask.

€200 (Included in The TARANTINO Package)

Bridal Party / Guest Messages

This is a chance for your bridal party/guests, who didn’t have a chance to make a speech, to relay a short message of best wishes and congratulations to the couple on their wedding day.

This is normally discreetly done after dinner as the band is setting up, usually with the help of the Best Man. It is done in a quiet area, usually outside the main function room, so that clean audio can be recorded without background noise, and for the privacy of the people leaving the message.

The messages are usually either humorous or heartfelt. Your guests will in no way be made to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or asked “interview-style” questions. Richard does not go from table to table, putting people “on the spot”. In years to come, you will fondly look back on these cherished moments involving friends and family.

You could even provide Richard with questions to ask your bridal party/guests. Consider the fun you could have with that one!

€200 (Included in The TARANTINO Package)

‘The Masterpiece’

This is an extended edit of your short film highlights. It includes more of the wedding day, incorporating more speeches, more of the ceremony, more of your guests mingling, and more audio in general to help build an emotion-filled story.  It could be anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes in duration.

The ‘Masterpiece’ film is provided to you in your own online wedding film portfiolio in HD for sharing and for downloading.

Having this edit is completely separate to your other standard wedding film, which typically includes the feature length edit from the preparations to the first few dances, and then the short film.  ‘The Masterpiece’ is a great option for couples who want a longer short film, showcasing much more of your wedding story.

€500 (Included in The TARANTINO Package)

Ceremony Music

You will receive your wedding ceremony music (recorded independently on a high quality audio recorder, split into separate tracks, and provided to you via downloadable link).  Perhaps you have a friend or relative performing at your wedding?  This would make an ideal gift for them, and would be a nice keepsake for future listening.

CD copies of your ceremony music are also available (with full track selection).  The face of the CDs can be customized with printed text of your choice, and we have a variety of packaging options available.  Contact us about bulk orders and we can work with you on price.

€150 (Included in The TARANTINO Package)

Short film

You can see examples on the FILMS page.  Included in our Tarantino Package and the Scorsese Package.  With our Coppola Package, you have the option to have a short film edit, or a feature length edit.  You can also add edits to this package.


Additional hourly coverage

€200 per hour.  €250 per hour for December 31st.

Raw footage

All of your raw, unedited audio and wedding video footage provided via downloadable link.  It’s advisable to have some knowledge of video formats, as this is professional footage taken from professional cameras and “out of the box” it won’t look or sound like it will in your edits.
€400 (Included in The TARANTINO Package)

Photo Slideshow

Provide us with up to 50 photographs in a digital format and we will create a slideshow set to music. This slideshow will be its own self-contained chapter at the end of your wedding video. Some images of the both of you from when you were young, perhaps, and progressing throughout the years to the present day. You could also include some honeymoon images as well.

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