A non-refundable deposit (retainer) of €500 is to be paid when booking in order to secure the wedding date. The balance is payable on or before the day of the wedding.


The package price we agree at the time of booking is the price you pay, and will not be subject to any package price increases that may arise in the future. This does not include additional filming and/or editing charges, if required.


The client may cancel the contract at any time prior to the event/occasion by giving written (e-mail will suffice) notice to Richard Finlay. If you book us for a certain date but then need to re-schedule your wedding to another date, the booking will be accepted only if that new date is available. If the new date is not available, and at the client’s discretion, it may be possible to find a suitable replacement videographer who can shoot your wedding on Richard’s behalf and under his direction, and then it would be edited by Richard. A second deposit may be required, which will be subtracted from your total balance. Deposits are strictly non-refundable.


Richard Finlay shall be granted full artistic license by the client, and Richard’s judgement regarding filming and editing shall be deemed correct unless previously discussed and agreed with the client prior to the event/occasion in writing (e-mail will suffice).


Richard Finlay will choose the most appropriate music for your edit or edits. We use licensed music, which we have a legal right to use. Richard Finlay will ultimately use what he feels in his best creative judgement is most appropriate for the edit.


If there’s anything you want filmed specifically, then you must let us know before the wedding day in writing (e-mail will suffice).


If Bridal Party/Guest Messages are a part of your chosen package, it is reasonable to presume that some or all of your bridal party/guests may not be willing to speak, and therefore Bride & Groom Films / Richard Finlay cannot be held responsible if Bridal Party/Guest Messages are not obtained, or a limited number of them are obtained (for any reason beyond Richard Finlay’s control). It may not be possible to capture Bridal Party/Guest Messages due to time limitations, unsuitable filming locations, excess background noise or any other reason where Richard Finlay cannot reasonably be expected to capture decent footage. Bridal Party/Guest Messages are captured while the band is setting up (which takes 75 minutes for most wedding bands, on average). If your band is already set up and is almost ready to start playing, and if there is not enough time between the speeches and when dancing is about to commence, it may not be possible to capture any messages of best wishes, or perhaps only a limited number of them.


Richard will shoot where necessary, if possible and if appropriate with a 2nd camera, but this is not guaranteed (because it’s not always necessary or possible or appropriate).


​Please note that I shoot approx 1 hour of bridal prep and 20 – 30 mins of groom prep.  This can vary from wedding to wedding, depending on what’s happening, what’s required and the logistics.  I usually have to be where the ceremony is taking place 20 – 30 mins prior to ceremony start time to set up for sound, get interior detail shots, drone shot, groom and guests etc.  When we have our confirmation call prior to the wedding day, I will confirm timings with you.​  An earlier start in the morning may incur an extra charge.


Richard Finlay may use extracts from your wedding film for promotional purposes (on the website brideandgroom.ie and on relevant social media including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. In return, ‘Bride & Groom Films’ will use any such footage in good faith and in good taste. Take a look at the examples we have online. That’s a good indicator of the quality and concern we have about the things we choose to share to promote what we do. Our work is our advertisement. We gain nothing by making you look bad or embarrassing you. However in order for you to find us online, you had to see examples of our previous work. We’re always improving and therefore always making new work available. We want your wedding video to be the best one we’ve filmed to date, and we want to be able to share that on our website so that other couples will know how good we can be.


If additional filming beyond the agreed upon filming times are required, or if editing changes are required for any reason, and if it is possible to do so, extra editing and/or filming charges will be incurred. We must be notified within two weeks upon delivery of the wedding film if any changes are required.


Bride & Groom Films cannot be held responsible for items that you submit to us which are lost or damaged in the post/mail.


You the client are directed and advised to download and archive your wedding video edit(s), with the full knowledge that your edit(s) may not be online forever. This is your responsibility. USB flash drives can be purchased/ordered up to and including when editing is finished, but after you receive your wedding video edit(s), we make no guarantee that you will be able to purchase a USB flash drive at any future date. A copy of your wedding video is kept on file for as long as possible in case it is required in the future, but we are not responsible if that copy goes missing or is damaged. You the client are ultimately responsible for keeping your own wedding DVD and/or Blu-Ray and/or hard drive/USB flash drive and/or files in good working order and in a safe place. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have an adequate number of copies of everything you need so as not to be disappointed in the future. It is understood that you will be backing up the files that you receive via online links or USB on other hard drives or in the “cloud” for safe keeping.

DVD / Blu-ray: For your ease of navigation, we have foregone the traditional menus found on DVDs and Blu-rays and have instead opted for an easy navigation system that allows you to navigate to wherever you want to go very fast. A chapter marker is set for every two minutes.


Richard Finlay accepts no responsibility if a third party stops him from filming in a particular area or stops him from recording sound correctly (including ceremony music). Richard Finlay is not responsible for poor sounding or non-functioning church or reception venue sound systems, or for poor acoustics. For outdoor ceremonies, every effort is made to minimise the consequences of wind noise, harsh sunlight or heavy rain, but I can’t guarantee that the elements won’t affect the outcome in some manner.


No responsibility is accepted if speeches or toasts or other events of the day happen spontaneously outside of the agreed upon times that they were supposed to happen, and are subsequently not captured as a result.


You agree to notify us if any significant changes are made to the schedule of the day.


The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation by Richard Finlay owing to any cause beyond his control. In the unlikely event of failure of the equipment or ancillary accessories, or cancellation of the contract by Richard Finlay for any reason, liability shall be limited to a full and complete refund of all monies paid. Bride & Groom Films cannot be held responsible for traffic delays. Under any and all circumstances, Bride & Groom Films liability is limited to a refund of the deposit/retainer fee. In the unlikely event that Richard is unable to film your wedding, due to extreme illness, injury or bereavement for example, a suitable replacement videographer will be sought to cover for him, but this is not guaranteed. Under these circumstances, Richard Finlay would more than likely edit the footage.


Editing does not commence until any outstanding charges have been paid in full. Bride & Groom Films will endeavor to get your wedding film to you as soon as possible. Delivery time can vary. It is usually approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Please allow up to 16 weeks. It may take longer to receive your edit depending on the time of year and complexity of editing, or due to unforeseen delays that are beyond the control of Richard Finlay. Editing is a very involved and creative process and it is constantly evolving. We do appreciate your patience while we craft your wedding footage into a beautiful wedding film that you will have and cherish for the rest of your lives. (COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the lifting of Covid restrictions and the rescheduling of dates in 2021, editing wait times are changing. See the first question on the FAQ page for more details.)


When it comes to editing your wedding, it might be necessary to change the structure of the edit you receive (for example, changing your choice of a Feature Film to a Signature Film and Speeches Film). This would be mostly due to the way your day unfolded, at times in an unexpected manner. For example, sometimes light that is difficult to work with, or positioning, tight spaces etc, dictate how best to edit footage. Rest assured that you will be provided with the best possible representation of your day.


You agree not to make/allow or attempt to make unauthorized copies of DVDs or CDs or Blu-Ray discs that you receive from Bride & Groom Films. If you have received a DVD from us that does not work, it is advisable to check it on another DVD player before contacting us. If it is our DVD that is not functioning, we will replace it/them free of charge. Not all DVDs are compatible with all brands of DVD players. Our DVD format is DVD-R PAL, which is standard. You may download your films from Vimeo Pro in 4K and store/archive as you wish. You may also store/archive the wedding film files that you receive on your USB flash drive (if applicable).


If for any reason you are unhappy with anything after you receive your wedding film, the client agrees to immediately get in touch with Richard Finlay, in writing, detailing what is wrong. The client must do this within 14 days of receipt/delivery of the wedding film, otherwise we may move your footage off our computers and hard drives. Extra editing may incur additional charges depending on what it entails. This is at the discretion of Richard Finlay. If something is wrong with the edit, and if it’s the fault of Richard Finlay, and if it can be rectified, Richard agrees to rectify the error and send new edits/copies to the client without charge.


If you are receiving a section of your wedding video film from Bride & Groom Films (for example, short film highlights), in whole or in part, and if it is appearing on or hosted by any third party website like Vimeo.com, for example, you are responsible for downloading and archiving your film in the event that for any reason the company hosting the film one day decides to remove it from their website, or goes out of business. If you don’t download and archive your own film, we will more than likely still be able to provide you with it, but cannot guarantee it.


Return of a deposit to ‘Bride & Groom Films’ to secure your wedding date as a booking is taken to mean that you agree to the Terms of Agreement, with or without a physical signature. Ticking the box and submitting the booking form means that you agree to the Terms of Agreement and represents your digital signature. The client cannot submit the booking form without first reading and agreeing to the terms set forth on this page.


As ‘Bride & Groom Films’ evolves over the years, it will at times be necessary to change certain aspects of the service in order to make our work better. This could mean changing certain aspects of a package that you have already booked. Rest assured that this is done with your satisfaction in mind.


The client is expected to know the finishing time of the package they have chosen and agreed with Bride & Groom Films. If the night is running late, Richard Finlay will stay to capture the agreed upon activities/events such as the dancing only if he can do so, and the client will be invoiced after the wedding for the remaining balance. The charge is 200 Euro per hour or part thereof. Any remaining balance must be paid before editing commences. As a courtesy, Richard prefers to not talk about money or approach couples regarding money related matters on the day or night of their wedding when they are enjoying their time with family and friends, but it may be necessary depending upon the circumstances. In the confirmation call before the wedding, Richard Finlay will repeat and confirm this with the client(s).

24. MEAL:

Although the thought is greatly appreciated, the client agrees to not seat Richard Finlay at a table with guests on the day of the wedding, which would limit his ability to work at the wedding. Since Richard will be working for the entire day, he will sit and have a meal at the bar or restaurant, or the room nearest to the main function room while the guests are eating, so he can keep an eye on what is happening (when the cake is about to be cut, when the speeches are starting etc). The client agrees to cover the cost of the meal.

The client agrees to inform their contact at their venue/hotel that there will be a videographer present for the evening and that he will be having the vegetarian or vegan meal (this is so Richard will be able to get fed as quickly as possible). Many wedding venues are already accustomed to providing a meal to the wedding videographer when guests are being served their meals.


Use of the drone is dependent upon any cause which is beyond our control, including but not limited to unsuitable weather conditions, restrictions, or an inappropriate filming location. Due to any possible safety risks or concerns, use of the drone is at the sole discretion of Richard Finlay at all times. The drone will not be flown over an assembly of people, closer than 5km from any aerodrome, over urban areas such as built up villages, town and cities, in civil or military controlled airspace, or in restricted areas.


The client may upgrade their package by letting Richard Finlay know by e-mail. The client may not downgrade their package at any time.


The duration or running time of a wedding film can vary, generally depending on the length of the speeches. Generally speaking, wedding speeches are approximately forty minutes in duration. A feature length film edit is usually approx 1 – 2 hours, but could be longer or shorter, depending on various factors including the duration of the speeches. Likewise, a short film highlights edit is usually 4 – 8 minutes, but may be shorter or longer depending on various factors. The duration times given are to be used as an approximate guide only.


If you are purchasing your wedding video raw footage and audio, you have the ability and permission to view the footage wherever and whenever you like. However, by law, the copyright remains with Bride & Groom Films / Richard Finlay. This means that you do not have permission to edit the footage how you like and display it online. You may not display the raw footage, in any form, online.


For a religious ceremony, unless the client requests otherwise by e-mail, the entire ceremony is not filmed and included. The parts of the ceremony that one would hear at a regular Sunday mass (like the consecration, Eucharist etc) are not filmed and included. The “wedding specific moments”, those that directly involve the couple, their families and friends, are filmed and included. For civil ceremonies and same-sex weddings, the above does not apply, yet Richard will still shoot selectively.


It generally takes 20 – 30 minutes for a couple to greet their guests and loved ones after a ceremony. This is normally referred to as a “receiving line”. The entire receiving line is not filmed. Specific moments are selected and filmed from various angles to maintain viewer interest.


At weddings, 99.9% of the time, when someone is giving a speech/toast, they stand up from the position they are sitting, and speak. If the table arrangement in the room is a bit different, the person speaking might not wish to put their back to anyone in the room, so they will understandably talk from a position in the room that makes sense, yet they remain almost still and don’t walk around the room. This means that I can film them (frame up the shot, keep them in focus).

On rare occasions I encounter people who “walk and talk”. This causes problems for filming. I advise against walking and talking, but if a person must do this, you must understand that the end result will likely not be visually pleasing, depending on how much they move around. The shot will most likely be a locked-off wide shot of the room, with intermittent cuts of the speaker (the audio will be continuous).

MCs (people who introduce people who are giving speeches), usually move around and their movement can be quite unpredictable. Every effort will be made to discuss this is advance with the MC and people giving speeches, but sometimes people don’t listen or are too nervous to take on any advice or direction in the moment, and don’t be surprised if the end result doesn’t look as good as it could.


Your wedding film edit(s) are hosted on Vimeo. Although we have no intention of removing your edits, we can only guarantee the hosting of them for 36 months (3 years) from the date of delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have downloaded and backed up your files in several places so as not to be disappointed in the future.

Richard Finlay was recently ranked among the best videographers in the world by the DV Awards. He was also voted ‘Wedding Videographer of the Year’ in Ireland’s very first online wedding awards. In the same year, he was named as a top wedding videographer by Weddings Online.