Most wedding videographers say that on a wedding day they operate in a discreet and unobtrusive manner.  There are many who do, but this isn’t always the case.  How exactly is a two or three person film crew with various cameras, Steadicam rigs and lights supposed to be unobtrusive, no matter their intention?  I choose to shoot alone, and my couples always e-mail me after the wedding day to thank me for how I blended into the background on the day.  In other words, they didn’t have to deal with the stress of a film production on their wedding day, and were able to enjoy themselves.  I work well with all kinds of photographers too — they do their thing, and I do my thing, and we never clash…  It’s a great way of working.

I also choose to not pose people for shots, or ask people to “kiss” for the camera or to do anything that they wouldn’t naturally do in that moment.  Knowing how important it is to be discreet and professional in a church environment especially, it’s good for couples to know how I work…

Every now and then the priest will thank me at the end of a wedding ceremony/mass for being professional and not jumping all over the church, as some do (and it’s totally unnecessary when this happens).  So I just thought I’d share this short clip from a recent wedding where the priest said a few nice words at the end of the mass.  Many couples book me because of my work, but also because of the manner in which I choose to work on a wedding day.

As it says on the home page of this site, my promise to you is that you, your loved ones and guests will hardly notice as I work away, shooting the day as it happens…

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