Maximize your time spent with family and friends by choosing a wedding videographer who shoots in a fly-on-the-wall style…

Weddings are all about TIME.  For a wedding day to go according to plan, time has to be used wisely.  The primary reason wedding days get out of hand is poor and/or unrealistic time management.  One of the main reasons couples book me, and one of the main reasons photographers recommend me, is because of the way I shoot on a wedding day which helps to maximize time spent enjoying your day with family and friends.

I shoot wedding videos unobtrusively – so you, your loved ones and guests won’t notice me too much as I work away.  It’s very much a fly-on-the-wall shooting style, capturing natural reactions, without having to pose people or ask them to do anything except enjoy the day.  For example, when filming around guests, I use a small camera body, so people are generally less “aware” of the camera in this instance.  It also allows photographers who wish to engage more with people at the wedding to maintain their concentration without interruption, to keep their rapport going with the people in front of their lens, and to keep the attention of people with very short attention spans.  I don’t want people paying attention to my camera at all.  I want to capture all of the smiles, laughter and fun of a wedding day without people feeling they’re part of a production.  People are not actors — they just want to enjoy a wedding.  That’s why they’re there.  Helping people feel relaxed is a big part of a wedding videographer’s job.

Since 2005 I have been the wedding videographer of choice for many film and TV industry pros in Ireland and America, and I was recently chosen by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Naomi Sheridan (daughter of legendary film director Jim Sheridan) to film her wedding.  Since then I’ve been invited back to film another family wedding, and routinely shoot weddings for other industry professionals, which has lead to me working with Jim Sheridan, for example, on a recent documentary.  I started filming weddings when I was 20, as I felt I could bring my filmmaking background to the Irish wedding video market.  I’m now 33, and I estimate I’ve filmed close to 1,000 wedding videos.

The shooting style I use simply works.  I take what I’ve shot, and I craft a mixture of cinematic and documentary styles, providing you with the best of both worlds in your wedding video.  I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s what Lucia & Emmett said about their wedding video:

“The videos are wonderful. We’re delighted. Great work, they say, makes em laugh, makes em cry. And you got me on both fronts.
Many, many thanks from me and from Lucia for the work you did. For me, the moving image really speaks the loudest, and the artistry and care you brought to this was all that i had hoped for. You were a delight on the day, you really understood how reticent we were about cameras. And yet, you managed to capture great images of us and our family that we’ll now have forever.
Take a bow. This is us giving an electronic standing ovation.”

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Richard Finlay was recently ranked among the best videographers in the world by the DV Awards. He was also voted ‘Wedding Videographer of the Year’ in Ireland’s very first online wedding awards. In the same year, he was named as a top wedding videographer by Weddings Online.